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  1. Fellex

    Update for April 2016

    Server Update: The VIP System has been added back into WKGaming IDLE Slots for general public is now 12 ( we have 28 the rest are reserved for VIP and Staff only. We now Accept the following as payment for VIP: CSGO (Keys are also accepted) TF2 (Keys are also accepted) Steam Gift Games...
  2. Fellex


    Apply here
  3. Fellex

    GMOD DarkRP Server

    We've opened up a brand new server and request your help to populate it! :) This is a DarkRP server containing so many features such as TDMCars, M9K weaponry, lots of interesting classes, bank robbery, printers, etc. Join Today:
  4. Fellex

    Logging in issues

    i just wrote back
  5. Fellex

    Logging in issues

    Sure, Your password is now your username please login and change the info very fast
  6. Fellex

    Dratsum's Admin Application

    Hello can you link me your Steam URL