Update for April 2016


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Aug 25, 2015
Server Update:
The VIP System has been added back into WKGaming IDLE
Slots for general public is now 12 ( we have 28 the rest are reserved for VIP and Staff only.
We now Accept the following as payment for VIP:
  • CSGO (Keys are also accepted)
  • TF2 (Keys are also accepted)
  • Steam Gift Games (Can't be used must be steam gifted)
  • Paypal ( 13 and under your parent must approved this)
We have a new map and this map is the final map for 2016 and won't be changed until Fall of 2016 if you have issues with map please contact anyone on the admin team.

GMOD Update:
DarkRP server is coming back on Sunday April 3,2016 all users banned on the old server will still be banned on the new server this include all users on SB ( IDLE Banned) you will not be able the server. You can file a request for your ban to be viewed.
Spawncamping Update:
We have changed the way you are banned/kicked from WKGaming Idle servers. You can now shoot near spawn and camp this a idle server get over it ,You WILL BE BANNED FOR SENTY's Near Spawn Doors.

Updated Admin Team:
WK_Owner - Fellex
Owner - Razor
Admin - Sans
Head Admin - AmericanPolarbear
Admin -Pingu

Thanks for Making WKGaming Great and Play On